The local church is a collective of people. People who–when you get down to it--have simply said ‘yes’ to Jesus in a number of ways.

Crosspointers, many of you are and have been those people to each other, to our staff, and to our city. You’ve served in ways we can measure and in ways that we can’t. Only Holy Spirit truly knows the impression our service leaves with others.

If you’ve served in any way last year, no matter how small or large, we have a red mug for each of you. A simple gift as a way of saying thank you for all you do to help make room for others at the table of Jesus. We’ve already handed out a number of them during our last weekend before Christmas, but there are still plenty left, which means some of you haven’t claimed yours yet.

Come get a mug at the HELLO Desk this Sunday. They’re there for you!

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