The Formula of Prayer

October 20/21, 2018
Matthew 6:9-13
Jamie Cambers
We know that God values prayer but have you ever struggled in this area? Ever felt like you just can’t seem to get into a groove in your communication with God? In this first sermon in our ‘Verbatim’ series Pastor Jamie speaks transparently about his prayer journey and leads our community in a prayer experience.


October 27/28, 2018
Matthew 6:9-13
Dave Rowe
Forgiveness is layered. There are many complexities that come on the journey of forgiveness, many things to work through – its a process but one that usually starts with a moment. In week two of Verbatim, Pastor Dave talks about what unforgiveness can do to us and how to recognize the moment that can start a journey to freedom.


November 3/4, 2018
Matthew 6:9-13
Mark Brewer
“Thy will be done” – there’s a lot to chew on in those four small words. In week three of our Verbatim series, Pastor Mark speaks into the will of God and how we operate in this idea with God. How do we know His will? How do we discern how to walk in His will? God has a plan for your life but what exactly is it? Do you ever feel like you just can’t seem to figure this all out? Be encouraged – those are great questions! Tune in and explore these questions and more!

This is Your Father You’re Dealing With

November 10/11, 2018
Genesis 3:6; 10-11;13;21

Matthew 6:9-13

Matt Fahringer
Sometimes things are far more simple than we think. Jesus not only taught us how to speak to him but simply – that we CAN speak to him. No matter how we’re feeling about yourself or your current situation, nothing can separate you from Jesus. Pastor Matt spoke on this idea for week four of Verbatim – check it out!

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