re:sourcefull – Week 1 (return)

November 4/5, 2017
Eph 3:14-17, Luke 6:30-35
Mark Brewer
“Would you manage money/time/relationships better if you knew you would never run out? Because God has glorious, unlimited resources.” -@mbrew

re:sourcefull – Week 2 (money)

November 11/12, 2017
2 Corinthians 8:1-14, Luke 21:1-4
Mark Brewer
“Jesus honours your actions, not your intentions. He wants you to give to the Kingdom from you based on your context, not the size of your contribution. ” -@mbrew

re:sourcefull – Week 3 (time/talent)

November 18/19, 2017
Matthew 25:14-30
Mark Brewer
“What are you not doing for the Kingdom of God because you are afraid of what might happen?” – @mbrew

re:sourcefull – Week 4 (risk)

November 25/26, 2017
John 2:1-12
Nathalie Estey
“Being resourceful is not about acquisition – it’s about allocation. Using what God gives us to give back” – @nattsestey

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