GO(o)D Conversations

January 26/27, 2019
Exodus 3:1-6, Exodus 4:20, John 5:1-9
Jamie Cambers
The foundation of any healthy relationship is communication. The foundation of good communication is of course talking but also listening. Pastor Jamie spoke on the fact that his listening has shifted, he has learned to “listen differently”. God has been speaking for many years and the question is not if we can or can’t hear Him – maybe the question is… why do we want to? For many there is a sense of unworthiness or feelings of not being _____ enough. God is speaking to you, friend. You are His and He is yours – listen anew today.

Learning to Unlearn

February 2/3, 2019
Matthew 11:25-30, Proverbs 3:4-6
Dave Rowe
God is unchanging. There are times in which the voice and spirit of God will call us to learn anew, hear with freshness and transform that which we know of Him. In this message Pastor Dave shares with honesty about the journey is on with God, a journey that has required him to shift in order to see things differently. Where does your journey with God find you today? What are you learning to unlearn?


February 9/10, 2019
Psalm 23
AJ Plaizier
Life will be good when_____. Ever found yourself thinking that? In the third week of ‘Potpourri’ Pastor AJ Plaizier spoke on the idea that life often mimics a rollercoaster in that ups and downs happen no matter our work to avoid the hard and prolong the good. Psalm 23 gives us an understanding not only of what we can do in the hard and good but more importantly – who God IS. We can’t always know why but we can engage in the what for our current season.

The Banquet Table

February 16/17, 2019
Luke 14:12-24
Peter Hayes
You’re invited! That could be one of the most powerful phrases one could hear. In the fourth week of our PotPourri series, Pastor Peter Hayes unpacks a section of scripture in Luke 14 in which Jesus encourages the idea of invitation. At the banquet table, we sit shoulder to shoulder and look at each other eye to eye. The best news? You’re invited – there’s a spot marked just for you.


February 23/24, 2019
Hebrews 11:1, Acts 10
Emily Ingraham, Nathalie Estey
Join in for a conversation inspired by the afterglow of Uprising weekend. Emily and Nathalie talk about the themes and reflections from Conference that are for our entire community. Freedom (undone), shame, deliverance, willingness and more! We hope this conversation blesses and encourages you!

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