Shedding Light

January 5/6, 2019
1 John 1: 5-10, 2:7-11, 4:7-21
Jamie Cambers
God is love.

Understanding the love of God starts with Jesus. When Jesus came into this world He brought with Him a light that cannot be hidden. Loving in the way that God loves – for us – its shedding light. We aren’t meant to pinpoint in a harsh way but rather shed the light/love of God on those around us.

The Main Character

January 19, 2019
3 John 1
Jamie Cambers
God’s character is like a guide. When we are wondering what to do or how to do it – we can look at the core of who God is for help. The thing about character is that its a process. In the seeking of God-truth and the desire to love well we can partner with God and others to build our character around His.

Truth + Love = Character.

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