I was a freshmen in college when I got my first laptop. It was a gamechanger. I could take better notes in class (and my notes were legible afterward, without my hand cramping up). I could finish typing my essay late at night in my dorm instead of going to the computer lab. I could go anywhere, anytime, thanks to its portable size and the battery. But, I had to keep an eye on the battery icon. It didn’t last very long without the power adapter. It would work forever if it remained plugged in while I was at my desk.

In John 15:5, Jesus says, “Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.”

How do we “remain” in him? By giving ourselves wholly to King Jesus.

Josepeh Dongell writes, “To remain in the vine, the disciple must submit fully to the authority of Jesus, not merely listening to and understanding His words, but hearing and obeying them.”

His commandment is this: “Love each other in the same way I have loved you” (John 15:12). Jesus invites us to remain in his love. He loves us. We will remain in his love by the way we love each other.


Jesus said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples” (John 13:35 NLT).

We love our church, but we don’t exist only to love and serve within our church. We exist for our neighbours – our city. We have the opportunity to lead people in our city to give their whole lives to Jesus.

Jesus came to serve, and he gave us the example to follow. He loves his Church, and the Church is his plan for the world.

We love and serve Jesus. We love and serve each other. We love and serve our city. That’s what we mean when we say, “I love my King,” “I love my Church,” and “I love my City.”

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “Our Father…May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:9-10 NLT).

What if we personalized this prayer?
…in my heart as it is in heaven.
…in my church as it is in heaven.
…in Fredericton as it is in heaven.

This prayer could change everything, in our church and in our city, from the inside out.

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