Week #1

July 21, 2019
John Symonds
In this first message in our Summer series, Ground Work, Pastor John speaks his first message as our new Lead Pastor!

Week #2

July 28, 2019
1 Corinthians 15
John Symonds
What exactly is the Gospel of Jesus? Join in as Pastor John teaches on the Good News!

Week #3

Aug 4, 2019
Revelation 7:9-10, 13-14
John Symonds
During week 3 of our Summer series Pastor John tackles the question: How can I reserve a place among the saints who go marching in?

Week #4

Aug 11, 2019
Colossians 2
Tim Guptill
Why go to Church?

We were excited to have Pastor Tim Guptill preach on this question. Join in as Tim leans into the second chapter of Colossians to examine ‘simple Church’.

Week #5

Aug 18, 2019
Luke 15
John Symonds

During this week Pastor Symonds looks into Luke 15 and speaks on what grace can mean for each of us.

Week #6

Aug 25, 2019
John 14:16, Acts 4:12, Hebrews 2:3, 1 Timothy 1:5, Luke 24:6
John Symonds
Why Jesus?

Join in for Pastor Symonds message around the question: Is Jesus the only way to God?”

Week #7

Sept 1, 2019
Acts 1:8, John 1:35-37, John 1: 40-42, John 4 – 25-30
John Symonds
Why witness?

In this week’s message Pastor Symonds talks about four different witnesses and what it means to be a witness.

Week #8

Sept 8, 2019
Luke 17:22-37
John Symonds
Is Jesus coming back?

In the concluding week of this series Pastor Symonds digs into the question of Jesus’ return. What does this mean for us?