Week #1

September 14/15, 2019
Acts 2:1-4
John Symonds
As it was in Acts – so shall it be at Crosspoint.

This fall we will be walking through the Book of Acts! In the coming weeks we’ll learn about the early Church and how those years and lessons can impact us today! Join in with Pastor John for week one of ‘The Church: Defined’ now!

Week #2

September 21/22, 2019
Acts 3&4
Jamie Cambers
Outside of the Church building, a follower of Jesus should

  1. be ordinary
  2. be with Jesus
  3. point to Jesus

Week #3

September 28/29, 2019
Acts 2
John Symonds
How does the church work?

  1. preaching and worship are primary
  2. baptism and church membership are next steps
  3. small groups are vital

Week #4

October 5/6, 2019
Acts 4 & 5
John Symonds
What do we do when we hit a bump?

Week #5

October 19/20, 2019
Acts 5 & 6
John Symonds
To be Totally Converted means …

A New Direction,
A New Allegiance,
A New Purpose.

Week #6

October 26/27, 2019
Acts 12
John Symonds
Why Do We Pray?

  1. To Fuel the Power of Pisitive Thinking
  2. The Outcomes of When We Pray are Better than When We Don’t Pray
  3. To Affirm and Declare that God is in Control Alone and Our Trust is in Him Alone.

Week #7

November 2/3, 2019
Acts 15
John Symonds
5 Things we need to know about Change.