Hiding Spot

December 1/2 2018
Gen 2:25; 3:6-10 Jeremiah 23:24
2 Corinthians 5:18-21 Matthew 27:50-51
Mark Brewer
Christmas flips everything upside down. Why? Because Jesus does the same. In the first week of our series “Christmas Ruins Everything” Pastor Mark spoke into the topic of shame. When it comes to feeling ashamed, we hide. The idea of being vulnerable to Jesus can be some of the hardest but best work we do in this life. In Jesus there is no judgment or waging finger – just love.

Christmas ruins your hiding spot.

Hard Work

December 8/9, 2018
Philippians 3;3-11

Ephesians 2:8-9

Mark Brewer
This season is often marked by its fullness. We’re all busy with shopping, preparations, cooking, parties and the list goes on. The question is, when does the preparation become unnecessary? Are we doing certain things because we think we can make this season better or because we are trying to measure up? Similar to how we approach this season, we can start to think of our salvation in Jesus the same way. Am I doing enough? Am I checking off enough boxes? All the while we miss the point that Jesus never calls us out, He calls us in. Don’t perform for what has been promised to you.

Christmas ruins your hard work.

All In All

December 15/16, 2018
Matthew 2:9-11; 13:44-46
Isaiah 53:1-6
Colossians 2:13-15
Galatians 3:13-14
Mark Brewer
This series has taught us a few different areas in our lives in which Christmas seems to ruin or switch around our understanding. In the third week of Christmas Ruins Everything Pastor Mark preaches on the bigger picture behind this series. Jesus seems to be a ‘taker’ in requiring us to lay down everything for Him but… what if He’s the ultimate giver? Jesus isn’t taking from you, He’s reshaping how you see… well, everything! It’s not an easy endeavor to be in complete partnership with Jesus but it’s good.

Christmas ruins your life.

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