May 11/12, 2019
James 1:22-25, John 2: 1-12; 22: 1-13, Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 43:1-3, 1 Cor 15:58
Nick Graham
Yes is often a simple word that has a positivity attached to it but is there more? What happens when saying ‘yes’ isn’t easy? What happens when saying yes is really hard?

Join in for a message from Nick Graham on when yes is hard and what we can do in these seasons!


May 18/19, 2019
Proverbs 18:20, Mark 9: 43-48, Romans 6:22-23, Mark 1:32-38, Matthew 4:1-11
Jamie Cambers
“No” is often used or thought of in a negative way. No is a shutdown or a way to ignore – a put off of a closed road. Perhaps we should reclaim this word and seek to understand the ways in which a “no” is good.

Join in for week two of this series in which Pastor Jamie explores these ideas and more!


May 25/26, 2019
Matthew 18:21-35, James 3:2-5, Matthew 5:23-24, Hebrews 12:14-15
John Sherwood
I’m sorry.

Often these two words are hard to say. How do we do the work of repentance and reconciliation well? How do we do this authentically? Join in for week three of this series in which Pastor John explores the idea that being forgiven people sets us up to understand this more than we think!


June 1/2, 2019
Proverbs 16, Luke 19:1-9
Jamie Cambers
Enough is not a level of wealth you obtain.

Enough is a statement of trust you proclaim.

The need to accumulate can, ironically, leave us feeling quite empty. So, when do we know when we have ‘enough’? How do we gauge this? Join in for week 5 of this series in which Pastor Jamie explores these questions and more.


June 8/9, 2019
Luke 7:36-50
Nathalie Estey
Care > Serve.

Join in for the last week of this series where Nathalie looks into the story in which a woman’s encounter with Jesus teaches us much about how we can care for one another.

Serve one another isn’t everything. The bigger question is… how are we caring for one another?