Love Your Neighbor

March 2/3, 2019
Isaiah 58:10-12
Jamie Cambers & Marcel LeBrun
What does it really mean to love your neighbor? Join Pastor Jamie and 12 Neighbors founder, Marcel LeBrun, for a conversation about this resource and series! We hope you will join a group and the conversation that will span the next few weeks of this series!

Spend Yourself

March 9/10, 2019
Luke 7:36-40; 41-50 (NLT), Isaiah 58:9b-10(NIV), Isaiah 58:10-11(ESV), 1 Corinthians 13:3(MSG) 4-7 (NLT)
John Sherwood
“To spend yourself, you first must be filled.”

Week 2 of 12 Neighbors is all about the idea of ‘spending yourself’. To truly spend yourself you must be filled by the things of Jesus. The spending then becomes not an emptying but rather a fulfilling. Join in for a great teaching and encouraging word from John!

Development > Relief

March 16/17, 2019
Hebrews 10:11-18, 2 Samuel 9:1-13, Romans 5:10-11
Jamie Cambers
“The law brought relief but Jesus brought resolution.”

We all want to help. We want to help ourselves, the people around us and more! But how do we really help? Is the help we are willing to give effect or just a way to check and box? Join in on Pastor Jamie’s message about the work of development and where this concept originated from.

Start With Strengths

March 23/24, 2019
Matthew 6:26, Luke 6:20, Luke 15:1-6
Dave Rowe
Everyone has gifts. Everyone has something to contribute. Everyone cares about something and that passion is their motivation to act.

God has placed value on each of us. We all know this but… it’s easy to forget. It’s easy to make a judgment on another’s value due to how you view them. It’s easy to discount another’s value due to what you think they can or can’t contribute.

Doing the work of starting with strengths isn’t easy but it is of Jesus. Join Pastor Dave for a message on these concepts and more!

Creating Context For Community

March 30/31, 2019
Titus 2:1-15, Ephesians 4:15-16
Jamie Cambers
Better together.

We all have those moments where we become aware of a need, we want to help but become overwhelmed by the enormity of doing something impactful. Perhaps God intended Kingdom/community to not just be about being together but also – working together. Through the encouragement of others and the asking for help, perhaps through those processes, we learn that this isn’t about “getting a job done” but seeing and celebrating the value in each other.

Understanding Systems of Injustice

April 6/7, 2019
Matthew 22:34-40
Nathalie Estey
I don’t know what I don’t know until I know.

How do we do the work of understanding? What’s our motivation to understand? What are we not aware of? What is God trying to help us to see? Jesus told us to love our neighbors but, are we willing to listen and really hear another’s story? Are we willing to not just love our neighbor but also to learn from them?

Join Nathalie as she speaks on her journey through these thoughts with God.

Starting Line

April 13/14, 2019
Matthew 28:16-20
Jamie Cambers
The conclusion of our 12 Neighbors series is anything but that… we pray it’s the beginning.

When Jesus commissioned the disciples it wasn’t just about them – sure, they were present for this moment with Jesus but it goes far beyond that group of people. We, like the disciples, have much to learn and we must not be daunted by that. Jesus assured them of his presence in AND around them – isn’t that the best part? Loving your neighbor is loving God – love is the mission.