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Crosspoint NORTH
4 Coronation Court
Fredericton, NB
E3A 4K4
Saturdays: 6:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am

01. Make Jesus Famous

We have a skewed idea of fame. When we think of the word “famous”, we think of the fleeting 15 minutes of fame that we give to a reality TV star, or actors and actresses embroiled in scandal. That’s not fame. The very word means, “Having a widespread reputation; to be renowned and celebrated; acclaimed, glorious, and honoured.” Only Jesus is worthy of that.

“The fame of your goodness spreads across the country….” Psalm 145:7 NLT

“I’ll make you famous for generations!” Psalm 45:17 MSG

02. For the Good of the City

Crosspoint should make Fredericton better. In fact, every church should benefit the community it’s in. The Gospel says we should feed the hungry, clothe the naked, help orphans and widows, love our neighbours and live in such a way that we bring heaven to earth. If that doesn’t bring some good into our city, what will? Through a variety of partnerships with some great non-profit organizations in our city, we are living out the gospel in word and deed.

“Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:16 NLT

03. And the Hope of the World

The Church is bigger than this church. We are part of a global family. Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and has told us to take his message to the “ends of the earth”. So, we are. We are sending missions teams across the globe and  hosting/praying/supporting a variety of other full-time missionaries. We’re also part of a denomination that has a strong global presence, sending resources and aid to areas around the world when the need arises.

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples.” Psalm 96:3 NLT

House Rules

(our church values)

Full Of It

Full Of It

We are full of truth. We’ll preach it unashamedly. You won’t find a watered-down gospel at Crosspoint. But we’re also full of grace. We're well aware that nobody is perfect and sometimes loving people gets messy. Truth? We’re full of it. Grace? We’re full of that, too.

Kingdom Mindset

Kingdom Mindset

We are a small part of a much larger kingdom. What we do isn’t just about us. It’s about a global movement of believers who are preaching Jesus around the world. Church isn’t supposed to be competitive, but cooperative.

E For Everyone

E For Everyone

You can come to Crosspoint. Everyone can. Our doors are open for all people. We offer ministries and services and outreach to all people of all ages. We don’t exist to reach a specific demographic. We’re E for Everyone.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

We are a generous church, giving everything and the kitchen sink to show our city and our world the love of Jesus. We give over and above - we give irrationally - to see our vision accomplished.

We Are Church Nerds

We Are Church Nerds

We are “all things to all men so that some might be saved.” If video and technology works, we use it. If the landscape of our culture changes and something else works, well, we’ll give that a shot, too. We are at the forefront of culture and technology in our attempts to reach people for Jesus.

We’re Unboring

We’re Unboring

Jesus came to give us life – but not just an average, run-of-the-mill existence – a ‘more and better life!’ Church CAN’T be boring. We refuse to make the gospel boring. It’s the greatest, most exciting news on the planet, and we’ll do everything we can to reflect that truth! We’re a church who is ALIVE.

We Take Risks

We Take Risks

Faith is risky. It’s always been risky. God was constantly asking his people to do crazy and unpredictable things. It’s the same story for His church today. Crosspoint doesn't just sit tight and take it easy. Christianity is not an invitation to play it safe. We take risks. We have to.

Praise > Preference

Praise > Preference

We all have preferences. Whether it’s our favourite sports team, toppings on a pizza, or a genre of music. Preferences make us unique. But, as the Church, our preferences will never be more important than our praise. We worship in spirit and in truth, not in bias or preference.

I'm New Here


Mark Brewer<a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/Mbrew target=_blank></a>

Mark Brewer

Lead Pastor

Mark has been serving at Crosspoint in many various roles since 2004 and became lead pastor in 2012. He and his wife Liz have three girls that provide many humorous sermon illustrations and "good grief". When Mark isn't dreaming of swimming with sharks, he's playing board games, reading, drinking coffee, or talking about drinking coffee.

Jamie Cambers<a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/jcambers target=_blank></a>

Jamie Cambers

Asst. Pastor (Worship/Creative)

Jamie has been on staff at Crosspoint since 2011 when he moved from Moncton with his wife, Catherine, and their two boys. Jamie is a gifted musician with a creative mind and assertive personality. When Jamie isn't finding ways to avoid going outside, he's watching movies/Netflix, playing nerdy board games, cheering on the Calgary Flames, or staring at his wife.

Nathalie Estey<a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/@nattsestey target=_blank></a>

Nathalie Estey

C/C Pastor (Connections & Communications)

Nathalie was raised at Crosspoint and came on staff in 2012 to run both youth & kids ministries. Nathalie is now leading our connections & communications at Crosspoint and continues to oversee our women's ministry, UPRISING. Nathalie loves sports (while sharing a penchant for the Flames with Jamie), drinking coffee, and has beautiful, long hair that gives her prophetic superpowers.

Dave Rowe<a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/@revdrowe target=_blank></a>

Dave Rowe

Asst. Pastor (Missions/First Impressions)

After 17 years of teaching in the education system and leading student ministry in Maine, Crosspoint brought Dave on as assistant pastor in 2015 to run our local & global missions and first impressions ministries. Dave loves his family (local Frederictonian wife, Vicki, and adult children), sweets, outdoor sports, the military, Boston's sports teams, and America.

John Sherwood<a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/@johnnydmb target=_blank></a>

John Sherwood

Campus & Student Pastor

John made a return to the Crosspoint staff in 2015, with his wife Kelsey, to lead student ministry and is now also leading our SOUTH Campus at the Cineplex Cinemas. When John isn't moonlighting as a local guitar teacher, he is experimenting with various coffees, reading books & blogs, or looking for the next great adventure.

Matt Fahringer <a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/@mattafahringer target=_blank></a>

Matt Fahringer

Kids Pastor

A theology graduate from Kingswood University, Matt came on staff in 2017 to lead CPKids. He is a small-town Pennsylvania boy who married a hometown Fredericton girl, Ashlei. When Matt isn't gushing about his daughter, he's reading, chasing after this dogs, or tending to his vegetable garden.

Catherine Cambers <a class=icon-twitter href=https://twitter.com/@camberscj target=_blank></a>

Catherine Cambers

Administration & Staff Support

Though she's been volunteering in various capacities since she moved from Moncton with Jamie in 2011, Catherine came onto the Crosspoint staff as the administrative assistant in winter of 2017. When Catherine isn't cuddling her two boys, she's at the gym, cooking, chatting with friends, or being forced to watch obscure movies by her husband.

Church Board

Church Board