I Love My Church | New Series beginning Sept 18

I’ve always loved this time of year. So many things are launching and starting-up again. School is back. Football is back. It’s a new season for the NFL, the NHL, and…the PSL? (Pumpkin Spice Latte 😉 Sure, January 1 is the start of the year, and May 1 is the start of our church year, but there’s something about September. It’s the start of the ’22/’23 season of ministry.

From September 18 until Advent, we’ll be in a two-part series focusing on the statements: “I Love My Church” and “I Love My City.” Those statements are rooted in, and stem from, “I Love My King.” Jesus is the King of kings. He rules a Kingdom without boundaries or borders. Jesus loves his Church, and the Church is his plan for the world.

It begins like a pebble hitting the surface of a smooth pond, then rippling outward. When Jesus changes our heart, he gives us a heart for the Church, and for the City.

It’s our City, but what if we viewed Fredericton as his City?
Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “on earth as it is in heaven.” What if we prayed, “in Fredericton as it is in heaven?”

It starts with Crosspoint. Transforming lives from the inside out; For Crosspoint — For Fredericton. We can build a better future for our Church and for our City. A Church you want to be a part of, and a Church you would invite friends, family, and neighbours to belong to—making Fredericton better from the inside out.

What if we were all inspired to unite and engage in disciple-making and community-building in our City?

There’s a catch. You need to be onboard. You can’t go to school if you’re not enrolled. You can’t watch your favourite team unless you’re subscribed. I believe Church is better when you’re fully engaged. There is a cost, but it’s worth it.

We are leading people in our City to give their whole lives to King Jesus. We can only do that if Crosspoint is a community of Christ-followers who love their King, love their Church, and love their City.

Will you choose to engage this Fall?

~ John Sherwood | Lead Pastor

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