Restoring Communities in the Bahamas
for the Hope of the World

March 2-9, 2020
Crosspoint Church
Email Pastor Dave

When it comes to helping those in need, timing matters, action matters, and heart change matters. If we’re going to prepare the way for Jesus and help those in the Bahamas for their good and hope for the future, then we’ll need to get together to make that happen.

We’re partnering with World Hope Canada once again. We’re looking for some people to go and help rebuild churches (places that function as community centres & public shelters there) and personal homes. We’re looking for some people to help send others. We’re looking for people to commit to praying for big progress for the people of these islands.

Here are some qualities we’re looking for from people looking to join a team for this trip:

  • Flexible with travel inconveniences. Travel days may vary. Talk to Dave.
  • Work their way around a skillsaw, a hammer, and blueprint (and willing to take orders).

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