Bahamas 2023 Trip Report

The Hope Garden Project is now back on the ground and things are going very well. After arriving on Feb 4, the leadership got straight to work scheduling several meetings with the Bahamian government and also reconnecting with partners of churches and preschools.

The first team landed February 18, and after visiting Tekanell’s preschool, and having a tour of the island, work began bright and early Monday morning. Within four days, the team had successfully built an entire playground for Teka‘s playground on a very strict budget and using mostly recycled, wood pallets, and cable wheels. The team also experienced some culture on the island and got to meet a lot of our partners.

Another exciting opportunity that happened while the team was here: while Jenny presented at a professional development workshop for teachers of the island, the Hope Garden Project was formally invited to Nassau to meet with the Ministry of Education and further our partnership with preschools and education as a whole in The Bahamas.

The first team left Saturday, February 25 and we then welcomed the film crew that will be filming projects here in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Over the next several weeks we will welcome two more teams, one building a garden. Another is a vision trip for a school.

To our team members this past week, it was truly a pleasure having you join us in The Bahamas and your work was such a blessing to the daycare and the children. Thank you, Crosspoint, for all of your prayers and support and please continue to follow our Facebook page for updates on projects.

Jenny & Derek