Crosspoint Worship Auditions: 5/14/18

With our current state of growth and having four worship experiences over two locations every weekend, the pool of volunteers and leaders at Crosspoint is also needing to grow. So, if you have a heart for Jesus, leading others, and a musical gift you’d like to share, we’d love for you to consider auditioning for Crosspoint Worship and join us at auditions on Mon, May 14h @ 7:00pm in our NORTH Campus.


INSTRUMENTALISTS: for those wanting to audition for an instrument, we ask you to learn all songs listed below and come to the audition prepared to play along with current members of Crosspoint Worship. Chord charts are not provided for the audition, so please learn/memorize the songs or bring your own iPad/tablet with chords, if need be.

VOCALISTS: you have been provided with two songs listed below that you may choose one to audition with. In addition to your selection for lead vocal, you may also be asked to sing harmony on other songs. If you’re in need of a key change for any given vocal audition song, please let us know well in advance.

– we exclusively use in-ear monitors and “click” (metronome) so please bring your  own headphones or in-ear buds
– we will have amplification (amps, keyboards, drums, DIs, etc) for all instruments but please bring your own instrument and/or pedalboards for your audition
– we highly value a team mentality that has fun, laughs together, but also prays for and with one another. So, your character is just as important as your competence

Please fill out the web application below with your information and email Pastor Jamie will get in contact with you to confirm your details and your audition time.

Song Choices

Worship Auditions

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