I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Baptism Handout


Baptism is an outward expression of an inward transformation. It is a sacrament of the church commanded by Christ as an act of our profession of faith and a sign of God’s work in our lives.


Baptism can be experienced by anyone who professes to have been saved by the atoning work of Jesus and dedicates their life in obedience and service to him.

What do I need?

We only ask for a few things when getting baptized:

  • Wear loose, comfortable, appropriate clothes
  • Bring a towel and your family.
  • Clap. Scream. Cheer. Cry. Go nuts for everyone that gets baptized! It’s always a celebration when someone commits their life for Jesus!

What else?

We may ask you to consider sharing a brief testimony for 30-60 seconds before you’re baptized. We would love for you to think about what God is doing in your life and share it with your church!


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